The 2014 Winter Sochi Olympics - Smells Danger

Beautiful Sochi, Russia.  Nice weather, the warmest held for a Winter Olympics.

Sochi was chosen beating out Austria and South Korea during the bidding process. It will be the first Olympics held in Russia since the USSR's demise at an estimated cost of $51 billion US five times the original estimate of $12 billion.  Canada spent $8.2 billion and it was a success, with no trouble. It is guessed that $30 billion is embezzled or used as kickbacks. The rest spent for transportation improvements, getting to and from the Venues.

In my view:  they started off on the wrong foot; first with the displacement of thousands of citizens, then the history of the site being on the bones of Islamic ancestry victims of genocide, corruption, lack of political stability, environmental pollution and the treatment of our beloved LGBT community, their supporters and journalists. 

Harper, Obama, Biden, French president Francios Hollande, they aren't going. Could you imagine the cost of protection for those guys?  We don't need it.

The Russians, need to have 40,000 police, all the ones working the games will speak three languages; English, French and German.

The Russian Armed Forces will secure the surrounding area of the games, with controlled and forbidden zones. All previous dissidents will be rounded up and imprisoned until the Olympics are over and long gone. 

Now there's the new terrorists threat, they will be selecting other sights to create havoc. Any building, any vehicle, any structure is suspect, in any Russian city, for sure Moscow. 

If there is one good thing the Russians are doing right it is: Banning smoking to all venues, little but at least it's going with the grain. 

I wish them all the best. The 2014 Winter Sochi Olympics smells danger.

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