Sometimes You Just Can't Avoid Christmas Depression

Let's admit it, the whole idea of Christmas can be a little daunting.

All the shopping to be done, fighting the weather and the traffic, fighting for parking spots, fighting line-ups (especially in the liquor stores), worrying about prices, the amount you're spending. Is it too much or not enough, is it politically correct, sex appropriate, age appropriate, child proof, hoping and fretting you haven't forgotten anyone. Wrapping, running out of paper and tape, more trips to the corner dollar store, more lines-ups.  

The cleaning, making up the guest room for those overnight guests that seem to stay too long, bringing boxes down from the attic, setting up lights (usually involving moving the chesterfield and rearranging the furniture) which turns into more cleaning and buying a tree (a day event). 

Cooking and baking, running out of sugar, flour, making extra trips to the grocery store, finding out they've just sold the last jar of nutmeg powder and then you find out you've run the battery down in the car with these short trips to the mall, and need to be jumped started. You have no cables. You call a taxi, it takes three hours for him to show.

Speaking of batteries, forgetting batteries for those gifts. (There's nothing worse than a little rug rat with a toy that doesn't work. Another trip to the mall, finding out you're too late it's closed.) The only day of the year, just when you need them.

Returning all the presents after Christmas that don't fit, are too large or small, the wrong colour, the wrong shape. Those army boots just didn't fit, Gramma wants a larger size, and don't they come in pink. Again fighting all the line ups.

Then, repeating it all over a week later, spilling drinks and red champagne on your white carpet, the cooking you've done to make those liver pattée things, tasty, then you can't find the can of dog food you've had open for the dogs, that morning. Ugh!

The cleaning for that New Years Party, and worrying about drinking and driving, no one can drive you home because you're all drunk. You drive, anyway and get stopped. Lose your car, your house, your wife, your life.

Christmas Depression! You just sometimes can't help it!

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