Something Terrible Happened the Other Night!

Seniors be aware of your surroundings...

The most sickening thing happened in New Westminster last Tuesday. A teenage boy lost his life. As you all know, at this time of the year, it gets dark up here in Vancouver, British Columbia around four-thirty in the afternoon. 

This is what happened...

Karim Meskine, a 19-year old was found killed near the New Westminster Skytrain Station. He had been beaten so severely with a baseball bat, his body was unrecognizable.

His attacker you'll be surprised is a young sixteen year old, a random attacker. The victim and the attacker were unknown to each other, an attempted robbery gone sour. 

The attacker was charged with aggravated-assault, where a weapon was used but now will be charged with murder.

This happened within eyeshot of the Skytrain Station. People coming and going. 

There is more to this story, which we probably will never know, since the person charged is under age. There has to be some psychological reason why he continued to bludgeon his victim? But like I said, we'll never know.


This is not normal behaviour even for a petty thief and makes you think twice about taking the Skytrain, especially at night for us older folks! Us meaning easy targets. It's scary enough during a normal commute. 

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