Queens University - The Suicide School

In March of 2010, Queen's University student, Jack Windeler killed himself.

"He was a good student, athletic, with a promising future." 

Within 14 months a total of five more deaths at Queen's. Three confirmed suicides, all male.

Here is a study done by the University of Alberta.  

In 2011, 1600 students took part in the National College Health Assessment Survey.  These problems are being played today all across North America.

All of the issues identified have been experienced within 12 months prior to taking the tests.

1.  51.3 % of the Students tested had a feeling of hopelessness, not being adequate enough, incompetent to handle the work load. That's slightly more than half of the students.

2.  87.5% were overwhelmed by the amount of work load.  Not knowing where to start. 

3.  87.1% reported being exhausted, not just physically but mentally, finding it hard to concentrate and stay awake in class.

4.  61.7% felt lonely.  Being separated from family and friends.

5.  65.6%  were sad.

6.  34.4% felt so depressed that it was difficult to function.

7.  52.1% had anxiety spells that were overwhelming and uncontrollable.

8.  40.7% were angry.

9.  57.1% experienced more than average stress.

10.  6.8% seriously considered suicide.

11.  1.2% attempted it.

Suicide is the leading cause of death after car accidents for Canadians aged 10-24.

Another study in the United States found 15% of students have cut, burned or injured themselves.

It's obvious to me that the work load, and the pressure to succeed is too much for the average person. One of those situations where...

"I'll be damned if I do and I'll be damned if I don't."

A person has to go to school nowadays, and not just do good, but do better and be your best. That's a lot of pressure.

That's what they tell you, anyway.

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Ref: Maclean's National Magazine  Sept 10, 2012  Society, Article - Mental Health The Broken Generation


Lasha M said...

Its not the work pressure alone......... It is also because to keep up to the peer......... People want to be the first they done see what their best at also..... Parents pressure them a lot to study as per the economy and not to the interest or talent of the Students.....
TO take u through...... I study what my father said...... I wish I had done something else...... But the knowledge i have is fine..... But I can never be sure to be above my peer...... I can compete....
My Hubby is one point of encouragement also Discourage.... Anyway he is the person who keeps pushing me and saying u can do more then what u think and that thought is keeping me going.......
Anyway........ Its a study not only in US....... I feel lots of Young people are dieing all over the world because of this.............

Michael Estey said...

Yes, you are right. Peer pressure from parents can be a bit too much! Thanks for commenting Lasha M. Much appreciated.