Leg Crossing. There's a Man's way and a Woman's way!

I cross my legs.

I cross my legs almost every time I sit down, its second nature to me. I never realized there was really a man's way and there was really a woman's way to cross your legs.

Most men cross at the knee, or at the ankles or both, while women prefer crossing only at the knee, and letting it hang tight against the other. The leg-crossing scientists have documented it. I'm not making this up. I'm the type that twists their legs together, not once but twists it around enough to clasp my foot around in behind my calf. Like a woman, feminine looking. As a child I crossed my legs and remember my sisters, teasing me growing up. 

"You're sitting like a girl," 

They'd laugh and tell their friends, trying to embarrass me. It didn't matter, my father sat the same way too.

I didn't realize it was a fact and they were right, I did sit like a girl! Who would have known?  This was back in the 50's, we were still trying to put a man on the moon.

It just doesn't feel right, sitting with both feet planted in front of you, flat on the floor. A lot of times I'd stand up and fall over, my legs crossing so tight. My one crossed leg had gone numb and I couldn't feel it until circulation returned. 

I'm sure it's happened to you. "Your leg has fallen asleep!"

The leg-crossing scientists found out that crossing your legs slows the flow of blood circulating through your leg veins back to your heart.  When you squeeze your two legs together, it increases the pressure inside the veins towards the foot and ankle blocking its return to the heart. Clotting occurs in the vein, then you're a goner when that clot and blood is pushed and arrives back at the heart or the brain. 

Now that I'm sitting at the computer, I notice it, more and more. Yes, I still sit with my legs crossed, like a girl and a bad habit.

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