Kala Jadoo, Powerful Black Magic

Are you having marital problems? Do you have no money? Can't do a push-up if your life depended upon it, then you might possibly be a candidate for negative influences called Kala Jadoo. Any of these symptoms could be suspect.

  • are in constant pain around your neck and shoulders
  • have a bad habit of masturbation
  • have dented cheeks
  • avoid eye contact with people
  • a strange smell emits from your body
  • you act strange at times, almost like a madman
  • bite your finger nails, or stretch and twist your hair
  • unaware of doing things
  • pale skin colour
  • liver failure
  • if you have any disease incurable by doctors.

Kala Jadoo, is very powerful (black magic mantra) and will show results beyond human comprehension by removing negative influences and bad luck. There are some documented cases of Kala Jadoo curing, incurable diseases. I searched but couldn't find nary a one.

Three Most Powerful Mantras of Kala Jadoo in Hindi. 

 They are to be said sitting on a wool blanket in your place of worship for seven consecutive days, at the same time each night. The three listed below are for love, there are also mantras for your enemy, women, men, death, etc. and everything under the sun.

  1. Jag-jag re kaliya masaan , mere surti kari kari amuk ka beta amuk ke ghar jaye, na jaye to teri maa bahan ki teen talak Guru gorakh nath ka danda sir pe pade, duhai nav nath chauorasi sidhon ki, satya naam adesh guru ka 
  2. Kari bhairon kabri jata, bhairon khele marghata, marghat main sove khapper main khaye, jahan pathun vahin ku jaye, udad ki mutha rakt ke baan, chal-chal bhairon kaliya masaan tote vachan kahun samjhaye sawa prehar main dhuaan uthaye moha murda marghat vasa chod maat putra ki aasa, jalti lakdi dhake masaan mera bairi tera khan, singasaili rudrabaan, jo mere bairi kun na mare to toye raja ramchander laxman jati ki aan, Satya naam adesh guru ka 
  3. Jag re vistangda jaki jis main rahe na jag re iranda paplai idee suklai 

You might need a translator because you might not want to conjure up any demons or devils, if you don't know what you're doing. It could get nasty.

Go to a professional psychic, look under Spiritual Healer, Reader & Advisor in the Yellow Pages.

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Anonymous said...

For women and men:

Talking too much
Praying behind a woman
Not removing hair from certain body parts at least every 40 days…or every Thursday or every Friday (depending on which hadiths make the most sense to you)
Talking to the “opposite” gender (except immediate family members), unless absolutely necessary
Being alone with the “opposite” gender (except immediate family members), unless absolutely necessary
Lusting after the “opposite” gender
Being homosexual (gay, lesbian)
Being neither woman nor man, being queer
Wearing the clothes of the “opposite” gender
Chatting/talking to/with the opposite gender on the Internet
Eating any non-zabeeha/halaal meat (including in the West)
Eating shrimp and most other sea foods
Playing music
Listening to music
Indulging in any musical activities
Being Sunni (according to the non-Sunnis)
Being Shi’ (according to the non-Shi’s)
Being Ismaili (according to the non-Ismailis)
Being Ahmadi (according to the non-Ahmadis)
Being Wahhabi (according to the non-Wahhabis)
[… you get the point]
Being Christian
Being Jewish
Being Hindu
Being Confucianist
[… you get the point]
Getting tattoos
Putting a khaal (like the Afghans and some Middle Easterners do) on your forehead or anywhere on the face
Preferring your ethnicity to your religion (Islam)
Eating foods with gelatin
Eating with a spoon or fork (rather than with hands)
All forms of art
Taking photos, keeping photos in the home
Having a dog inside the home
Saying the word “khanzeer” (pig) [your prayers won’t be accepted for 40 days afterwards]
Watching TV (unless it’s some educational and Islamic program)
(And most probably your other favorite candies and chips – let’s pray to God that ferrero rocher isn’t among them, though)
Being vegan and/or vegetarian (especially if you’re a woman! Since you might upset your husband and in-laws)
Playing chess

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Kala jadu is the perfect remedy for solving the problem related to love, love marriage and married life. If you like any particular person and want to attain love of that person then you can use kala jadu.

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