I've Failed at Making New Year's Resolutions.

How about you? What are you going to do?

My New Years resolution this year will be to never make another New Year's resolution.

I've tried them all, and failed at every meagre attempt. How many times have I tried to quit smoking on New Year's Eve, just to start again on New Year's Day. I think it has been every year until I did quit, and it wasn't on New Years. If I still smoked I'd be making a New Year's resolution right now to quit, even though I know I would fail. Unfortunately that becomes a habit in itself, telling people you are going to quit, and never do.

One of the most popular resolutions to make is to Lose Weight. I have the opposite problem, I need to put on a few pounds. My weight has held constant at 155 lbs. and hasn't changed a gram in 63 years. I still eat like a horse. This resolution is almost the same as; you're going to work out this year. Yeah! Yeah!

Oh, yes! I know I promised to keep in touch but never did and yes, I am still living like a hermit. I know I said I'd reconnect but you know how things are. You have your life and I have mine. You're so far away.

Then I was going to cut my stress level down. I made the resolution, but didn't have the means, nor the no-how, I'm not a psychiatrist. I needed a drink. I've tried that one too. Never was successful until I eventually got fed up with the taste, realizing I never liked the taste of alcohol in the first place. Now that I'm a pot head, alcohol was easy to give up, and I'll forever be grateful. I made the transition from Rye to chocolate milk, thinking I might add a pound. No luck, I still drink gallons of chocolate milk,it goes good with munchies, but I still weigh 155 lbs.

My stress level sky rocketed when I made the resolution to save some money. You can't get blood from a stone.

I promised I'd volunteer every Christmas. I'd say, "I'm going to help out at the soup kitchen." Then I had look at the mess of my own kitchen, rolling up my sleeves I'd say, "The hell with volunteering. I'm the one that needs help!"

I'm gonna learn something new! Go back to school, get more sleep. How many times have I uttered those words?

I've been thinking about this one, thinking I'd try it again. I'm going to travel, this year. I'll wait until New Year's Eve to decide where I want to go. 

See, I'm already breaking my New Year's Resolution to stop making resolutions. What are you going to do?

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