Is There Any Truth In True Ghost Stories?

A ghost story is a piece of fiction, which understandably includes a ghost or implies a ghost as a believable entity.  

Ghosts appearances are called hauntings. The ghosts themselves are; apparitions, spectres, phantoms or spooks, a soul or a spirit, usually translucent, and are lifelike visions.  They have appeared in pre-literate cultures, in fiction as early as Homer's Odyssey, in the Old Testament, the Witch of Endor who calls upon the spirit of Samuel. Shakespeare wrote about them in his plays. The term Ghost Story can refer to any scary story, a supernatural fiction, weird fiction or horror story. In fact the story doesn't even have to be scary at all to be called a Ghost Story, nor does need to be about a person, it could be about a ghost ship, or a phantom train or even an evil demon.

They are usually told at night, to children. Why? Another blog another time...

Of all the ghost stories that abound do you think there is a possibility that some, if you ruled out mental or physical illness, drugs, stress, sleep paralysis, dreams, or explained natural phenomena, that some just may have some truth in them. Is everyone lying that relates a story from their own experience. What about the ghost stories that have no possible explanation, and have witnesses, are they discounted.

Which begs the question, Why do they call them true Ghost Stories if they are fictional and have really never been verified?

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