Is Google+ the Messenger, as Prophesied ?

The word for "messenger" in Hebrew is mal'akh.  Messenger of God, an Angel. Also in Job 33:23, and Malachi 3:1 he is referred to as an Angel.

Humans have always had an affect on the environment, at least since agriculture came into being ten thousand years ago, but our environment has been resilient, fighting back. Trying to clean itself. Throughout the years, accumulating the battle scars.  Substantial damage already done. Strip mining, industrial waste, large-scale deforestation, acid rain, over fishing, expanding deserts, air and water pollution, the depletion of our natural resources, global warming, the ozone, PCB's, DDT, I could go on and on.

We are at the end of the road.  Earth can't take any more. She has become sick, with humans, like germs in the lungs of a child with pneumonia.

The only recourse mother earth can take to save herself is to destroy mankind.

But what happens first?

Along comes Google+ 

To show us; just where we went wrong and where we are going in the near future. 

That we are doomed and that the planet Earth has been infected with humans!

We've turned ourselves into our own worse enemy. 

The end in nigh.

Dog Brindle 

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