Is Giving Good For You - Christmas is a Good Time to Find Out.

You're shopping around the mall. It's crowded. People are pushing and shoving. Kids screaming, parking spots are at a premium. You have to buy a few presents for loved ones, maybe your wife, a husband, a relative, a friend, co-workers.

After days, spending hours searching the stores, you've finally found something for everyone on your list. You hate yourself for spending so much money, hundreds of dollars. Did the postman really need those cheap runners from Target, a size too small, did my hairdresser need that bottle of Southern Comfort, the paper boy a new bike carrier.

It's Christmas morning. You've given everyone their perspective presents. They open them. 

The kettle you bought for your wife, she is not appreciative. You don't know what's wrong, but she becomes bitchy the whole day. The kids you thought wanted a Kindle to read books on, were mad as hell when they opened their presents and found a Kindle, instead of the Mac Pro Air they've been telling you about the last two months. They tell you they hate you and this was the worst Christmas they ever had.  Grandma has given up smoking and you bought her a carton of cigarettes, no one told you.

"How could you be so insensitive," they say to you. It's your fault, "Look she's back smoking, again!"

Everyone at the office that you gave a $1.00 scratch ticket too, called you cheap. Your pet dog Butch, stuck its nose up to you, and tried to piss on your leg, it didn't like the Rhinestone collar you gave him. 

Nothing fit, some things were broken when wrapped, other things needed batteries which weren't included. No one was happy with their gifts, the colour, the size, the material, the cost.  

"I had moth balls in my wallet," they cried.

You tell everyone next year they're getting nothing, except a post card and that you're going to donate the money you would have spent on them to charity, plus you'll be in Mexico for the holidays. 

Is giving good for you? Christmas is a good test to find out

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