Instagram Turns to Instashame in the Blink of an Eye

You've been caught by your wife, in the tub with your boyfriend who takes a picture of you both and uploads the picture to Instagram. Or...

You think you look pretty hot!

You've just got your haircut, you shaved. You've never felt so good. So you put on your best clothes and decide to  tell the world how great you are. You run into the living room with your camera, and take a few photos of yourself and you think they look great so you post them on Instagram.

Or you're a girl, you've got a new dress, your hair done. Hot Hot Hot, you think, you post a picture too.

Within minutes you're getting text messages coming out of your yin yang. From people you know.

People think your haircuts look silly, especially hers, lime green just wasn't her colour. They preferred the guy before with the beard. They call you all kinds of names, from sissy, to downright ugly. 

That's when Instagram turns to Instashame.

Remember it's only a picture. People will forget about it, if you've chosen your friends, correctly. Instagram is a tight nit family. 

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