"I Want You To Spend A Lot To Prove You Love Your Family"

What should you buy your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, son daughter for Christmas present...

The man up the street is getting his wife a new 4X4 truck, a 450 Ford. He justifies buying a big truck for her because he feels safer, knowing she will be more protected in an accident, than in a little car. She's just a little lady, and has trouble seeing over her steering wheel as it is now. I can understand his logic. He loves her and wants to keep her safe.  That's a $55,000 or more gift, I didn't want to ask him how much it cost, feeling it would be imposing, even though he would love to tell me.

Another guy up the street, is giving his wife what ever she wants. Luckily, for him she is reasonable and bought some kind of electronic reading tablet for herself, under $100.00. He loves her.

Kids don't understand the price of things, they just want, want, want. I-pads, cell-phones, games. If it doesn't have a re-chargeable battery-pak, forget it!

This is the solution. 

Get them whatever they want if you have the money. Avoid a year of whining. Life's too short and you'll make everyone happy. 

That man up the street that bought the truck, he's pretty smart. I can hear him now, asking... 

"Honey, can I borrow the truck, I have some things to deliver?"

Works both ways.

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