I Hate to Admit Defeat But It's Just a Matter of Time.

I received an email from Dana Larsen, Sensible BC Director.  I hate to admit defeat, but we won't give up the cause to decriminalize marijuana in British Columbia. This is just a step in the process. Another campaign attempt at signature-gathering will be soon launched, the times aren't determined as yet, with predictions, sky-rocking to the heavens. 

This last campaign successfully mobilized 4,500 British Columbians with over 200,000 people participating. A feat in itself. So no matter how you look at it, the campaign was successful despite the strong culture of fear and stigma associated with our issue.

This movement was number 2 in British Columbia, only surpassed by the HST effort and we all know what happened to that. It took 2 tries for the State of Washington to get the marijuana reform ballot passed.

We need donations, for the cause.

Dog Brindle

Original Email:

Sensible BC
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Michael --
Thank you all so much for supporting the campaign to decriminalize marijuana in BC. We successfully mobilized four and a half thousand British Columbians to engage on the front lines in a very challenging electoral process, and over two hundred thousand citizens participated, despite a strong culture of fear and stigma around our issue.
Our movement was the second most successful initiative petition ever in BC - only the HST surpassed our effort. It's worth mentioning that the HST campaign had an established political machine and lots of money behind it. It is also worth mentioning that it took 5 million dollars to legalize marijuana in Washington State. What we did with so much less is nothing short of amazing.
The movement for marijuana reform in BC is much stronger now than when we launched the Sensible BC campaign. We have created a powerful network of organizers and volunteers all across the province, and now we need to focus on to continuing to build on our solid foundation.
Over the coming weeks I will be meeting with organizers and volunteers around the province, working to debrief, share lessons learned, and ensure that our campaign succeeds on our second attempt.
It’s worth remembering that it took two tries to get marijuana reform on the ballot in Washington, and now they have complete legalization.  Our work shows there is broad support for marijuana reform here in Canada.
Let’s not leave this issue for future generations to resolve. Let’s continue to work together to repeal marijuana prohibition once and for all.

Dana Larsen, Sensible BC Director

PS:  Don’t forget that Bob Erb is still matching all donations dollar for dollar. This opportunity will not be around forever.

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