Homeless During This Cold Spell


Capacities Should Rise in Homeless Shelters This Weekend! At least in British Columbia with this freezing weather.

It was cold when |I woke up this morning. -5 Celcius.  It took the whole day for it to warm up to -1 degree. For the people that can't do the conversion that's bloody cold! Even for Canada. Freezing!

Well, maybe not all of Canada but for Vancouver the Miami of Canada, to be hit by a cold spell, this severe is quite unusual. If this is a sign, it's going to be a very cold winter this year.

Come Monday, the forecast promises it will warm up a bit, to at least above freezing.

This will be a test for the cities of British Columbia. Do they have enough shelters to house the homeless? We will certainly find out this weekend.

I couldn't imagine myself or anyone else, out in this weather homeless, standing in line waiting for warmth, a shower and a bed. A meal. A man my age.

Bette Davis comes to mind...

"But there are Madge, but there are."

I know there are people right now. To proud to ask for help, living in make-shift lean-to's, on the verge of freezing to death, just a few blocks from where I am right now. 

I just couldn't imagine it! That's all.

Here is a video I filmed back in 2010. 
The winter of the Olympics. 
Nothing has changed. I looks worse today.
I was documenting the homeless at the time.

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