Giving - That's the Spirit of Christmas

How nice is this...

Last Monday an anonymous person, we'll call Peter walked into the Surrey Fire Fighters Charitable Society, a thrift store at the corner of 72nd Avenue and King George Highway.  He told the clerk working there that he wanted to make a Christmas donation.

Instead of leaving a cheque and walking out of the store, he hung around for an entire hour.  During that hour, he paid for everyone's purchase.

As each customer came up to the counter with their purchase, the stores longtime cashier would tell them, 

"Santa is in the store today, it's your lucky day, your purchase is free!"

People actually cried, thanking them and the person donating the money.

The man's generosity totalled $273.  

This was a first in the history of the Society, for someone to come in and pay for everyone's purchase.

What makes this story sensational is Peter selected a store where the clientele are already financially strapped. This was not his first charitable affair, every year he has done the same thing, at an array of different establishments.

He asked for nothing in return, getting his happiness from the look on people's faces when they found out their purchase was taken care of.

Giving - that's the spirit of Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea this person had. Judy, my wife, volunteers at a thrift store that is patronized almost exclusively by very needy people. The next time she works, I'm going to do this for the customers. It doesn't have to be Christmas -- these folks' need is just as great all year. Thanks for the idea, Mike.

Michael Estey said...

You're a good man, Martin Rice