Does this Explain the Mood Fluctuations During a Full Moon?

"It must be the moon," people say when things go amok! Everyone looks up to the moon, and wouldn't you know it, a full moon.

The term Lunatic is derived from the word Lunar or the moon.

Its human nature to look for explanations when there is none, especially back in the cave man days and if there's a coincidental full moon when it happens, it gets the blame. Why else, would there be, a full moon? It would sound logical, to a Neanderthal man, wouldn't it?

Without a full moon, we wouldn't have a werewolf, baying at the full moon or crazy people doing weird things, epileptic fits, nor the overcrowding of hospital emergency wards on full moon nights, the police would have less to do, psychiatry staff would be laid off. Surgeries would have better outcomes.

However there is no connection between the full moon and human behaviour. We've all heard more babies are born on full moon nights, that there are more heart attacks, deaths, epileptic seizures, suicides and violence but research after research have proven this to be a fallacy, except one: Sleep Deprivation, we do sleep less during a full moon. Could the brightness of the full moon have kept our ancestors up all night and caused certain psychological issues?

People are made up of 3/4 water, salt water. Could this correspond to the Earth's ocean tides? and are tides working within us? The moon and the sun are constantly pulling and tugging with each other, could this be a reason why people have such fluctuating mood swings? Hormonal reactions increase from the positive ions in the air, caused by moon, which produces hyperactivity, depression, violent behaviour, road rage, migraines and even asthma in people. Never underestimate the power of these negative and positive ions, they are like a big internal biological clock.

There is no connection between Epilepsy and the moon, but some patients believe this to be true, that the moon triggers seizures. In the olden days, epilepsy was equivalent to being possessed by a demon or the devil, which they blamed on witchcraft, solidifying the connection between the moon and evil. The moon scientists have also found out, the moon has no relation with the number of psychiatric visits and the same with emergency room visits, no more or less. The same as any other day, with or without a full moon. Nor are there more screw ups in surgeries on full moon nights.

One study with animals found that there were more vet visits during a full moon, no cause was determined but there are more dog bites reported during a full moon.

Another strange thing that seems to happen is women, they menstruate during a full moon more regularly. This study of course is not verified, because women menstruate on the average of 28 days, the moons lunar cycle is 29.5 days.

Before modern lighting, the moons nocturnal illumination might have kept people up at night, explaining sleep deprivation.

In conclusion, we as people look for evidence to confirm our beliefs, in this case the moon gets hell to pay, for everything sinister, unexplained, or dark. 

"The full moon made me do it."

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