Cyber-Stalking, To Them You Are Just A Trophy

"Why are you cyber-stalking me?
I don't know you from Adam," 
Sally typed. 

They apparently stalk social media such as G+, Facebook, Twitter, all of them, none are immune. 

Text messaging and email from their mobile phone devices their favourite tools. They even use online dating services and discussion forums, comments or a combination of them all. 

They use the system to locate a victim.  

They watch, sometimes using the most up-to-date surveillance equipment, the best cameras and technology to emotionally harass and criminally manipulate their prey, for fear sake alone. Sometime extortion and money is involved but basically it's for the thrill of scaring you. Usually not satisfied with just you, they also target your family, friends and co-workers.

Reasons and motivations driving stalkers are limitless, most are sexual inadequacies, the need for revenge, the need to control or just plain at random, like the highway shooters, making everyone vulnerable. 

Who would want to stalk you? 

Maybe an ex-lover, ex-spouse, an old friend, a date that went sour, maybe meeting online (less than 4% of all stalking victims) so don't let that discourage you. A co-worker, your supervisor, a complete stranger you bumped into today, or someone who has been reading your blogs. Someone you've befriended on Facebook. 

You know what's so frightening? It can be anyone, random, you don't need to know the person to become a victim.

To them, you are a trophy kill. 

So, beware when surfing the world wide web. You don't know who's stalking you, until it's too late.

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