6 Police Cars, 1 Truck and 1 SUV, 1 ER room and 1 extended Care Facility Damaged

This really bugs me, what makes a guy do such a foolish thing...

There goes a ton of money down the drain and it's not the first time something like this happened.

A 38 year old man known to police has been arrested after he stole a large rental truck last night around one o'clock this morning and went on a rampage. He smashed the truck into six parked police cruisers.

That's not all.

First, he stole a Jeep Cherokee SUV from a halfway house. Then he stole a big rental truck which he drove into the police cruisers, and the Jeep Cherokee SUV smashing them all to bits. Then he rammed the truck into a street pole. The big truck was severely damaged. As he walked away without injuries he was arrested by police. Luckily no one was injured or killed.

That's not all.

The police took him to the Burnaby General Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. The carnage didn't end there.  While he was waiting in the emergency room, he jumped up off the bed and managed to pulled the water sprinkler system. The ER got flooded. You can imagine the fuss. Patients were quickly taken to other hospitals. There was significant water damage done to the ER. Luckily again, no one got hurt or died.

That's not all.

Before all this happened. He pulled another sprinkler system in another Fraser Valley Health facility in Surrey, Quibble Creek housing centre for drug and alcohol related abusers. 25 beds had to be shut down. 9 people in the facility relocated. It hasn't been linked to the police cruiser incident yet, but it will be, because the Jeep Cherokee used in this incident, a get away vehicle was the same Jeep. Again no one got hurt.

Police are recommending mischief and theft charges.  He's being assessed by doctors and is jail. Mischief and theft charges that's all. What about endangering peoples lives.

I boil it down to Crystal Meth, it's something a Crystal Meth addict would do, besides being mentally ill. What other reason would there be to make a person do this. All I can say is, luckily no one got killed, or he might be up on further charges, using a vehicle as a weapon, or what if someone died in that emergency room due to this persons actions.  

I say throw the book at this drug induced maniac. We don't need someone like that out on the streets of Vancouver endangering people's lives. Lock him up.

In reality, he'll get charged for car theft, get a slap on the wrist and be on the streets tomorrow.

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