13 Terms for Tweeters

What is a Tweegret you ask?  How about Tweefing?

I searched around, I asked some twits (n. people who tweet) and got the low down on the lingo tweeters are using today.

Lets start with Twitter.  A social network.  Used by Twits. People who Tweet speaking Tweekenese on Twitter.

Here is a list of 13 terms, used on Twitter

1)   Tweegret. Sending a message you regret sending. Tweet and Regret.

2)   Tweefing. When a Twit has a beef with another Tweeter. Tweet and Beef.

3)   Tweek-a-leek.  A woman who engages in sexual acts for fun. Peek and Look.

4)   Tweegomaniac.  An egomaniac on Twitter.

5)   Tweehab. Where people go addicted to Social Media.

6)   Tweegocentric. Someone who thinks there the bee's knees on Twitter.

7)   Tweedurr. A mistake in Tweeting.

8)   Tweedlezoid. The Missing Brother of Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

9)   Tweeflex. Using Twitter without thinking what you wrote it.

10) Tweejaculation. An incomplete Tweet.

11) Tweekend.  An eleven day drug binge or a 3 day video game addiction

12) Tweekee.  A nickname for a crystal meth user and Twitterer. They're always Twittering.

13) Tweedophile.  Someone who wears Tweed jackets while Twittering.

The list goes on and on, silly isn't it?

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