Black Friday, Sounds Like a Medieval Disease

The mask of the Plague

There's Sober Sunday. There's Cyber Monday, where China sold 2,000,000 bras in one hour. Pan Cake Tuesdays where moms all over the world make pancakes. Welfare Wednesdays! All the days of the week...

Where, when and why did Black Friday start?

The term Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, since 2001.  It took the title away from the Saturday before Christmas.  It always takes place the day after Thanksgiving and at one time, Black Friday referred to the stock market crashes during the 1800's. 

Why Black?

The word Black has been used for centuries, whenever something bad happens. Black Friday was first used when two men, gold speculators, named Jay Gould and James Fisk, tried unsuccessfully to corner the gold market.  It sent the New York Stock Exchange into a whirlwind, the price of gold fell and people lost fortunes.

Black Friday means shopping for the Christmas season officially begins.  Many attempts were made to change the name to Big Friday but all failed.  Black Friday became an American national term in the early 1990's. The name, Black Friday sticks to this day.

It's estimated that 60 billion dollars were spent yesterday, Canada is now following America as usual and we now have our own Black Friday, it just so happens to be the same day America celebrates it but a little milder.

To me it sounds medieval, like the disease, the Black Death.

It's spreading like one.

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