Who doesn't like a good western?

Sideshow at Honey Creek by Steven D. Malone

You have no time to think...

The Republic of Texas during the American Civil War. You are in the middle of a battle, led by General A.E. Lee. Tomahawks are flying, Comanche Indians. 

The beginning of the book is a little confusing. You're thrown into the action immediately, which leaves you a little bewildered.  But luckily, it lasts only for the first few pages until you become accustomed to the authors style, a little graphic at times, especially the war scenes, mostly dialogue. 

Here's one line that resonated with me,"The war made old men of little boys"  It made me think, what being in a civil war was really like for a young man back in those days. I'm sure very scary.

Some of the scenes, Steve has written as if he were right in the middle of the thick of things, a little shocking. The Indian not being painted in a good light, but that was then and this is now. Two different stories. And I'm almost sure that's how it was back then. War was war. 

I'm reading this book on my computer, and have noticed the formatting needed a little more work and some copy editing. But not a problem! It's not that distracting.

A lot of research went into writing this book you can tell. Not that I would know any difference. The story stands by itself.

A really good book with great characters and plots, I took off the half star only for formatting and a few grammatical mistakes which after the first chapter you are completely unaware off, besides that an excellent read.

A History Book. Steve sounds like a great historian, you will have to take his word it. He sounds very convincing. The book was a treasure to read. I recommend it whole heartedly. Excellent work Steven, this book got my blood circulating.

I give it four and 1/2 stars. I took off half a point for not editing and formatting his final copy, the only reasons. You hardly notice them anyways as I mentioned. I'm just being picky in my old age because, 

Who doesn't like a good western?

Not for the faint of heart. 

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Steven D. Malone received a BA in History from the University of Houston. He has been a teacher of life skills and work skills to special needs students, adjudicated youth, and the visually impaired as well as College English. He is a published author and has been a writers coach. His latest work is 'Sideshow at Honey Creek'.

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