Who are these guys Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Joseph Goebbels?

No, I'm not going to preach. I just want to know who they were, and what their relationship with Jesus really was.

We've all heard of these guys, good friends of Jesus; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Four of Jesus's disciples who wrote the first four gospels. 

And we've heard of Joseph Goebbels. Hitler's disciple. 
His confidante, his closest friend, and most devout follower.

Lets start with Matthew:  

Matthew wrote the first gospel for the Jews sometime before the Romans destroyed Jerusalem, roughly 70AD. He was explaining to the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah promised to them in the old testament since they were looking for a king. The best known part of his gospel was the 'Sermon on the Mount' which depicts Jesus as a great teacher.


Mark was the chronicler of Jesus's life, the second gospel. He wrote it so we would know what Jesus was like when he was living and why he had to die. Depicting Jesus as hung-ho type of guy, a man of action and authority. Surprisingly, 1/3 of the gospel was about Jesus's last week on earth, his death and his resurrection.


Luke was a doctor and wrote the third gospel.  This gospel was written the most articulate and orderly. He wanted us to know the real Jesus, his psyche.  That he loved everyone, not just the rich but the poor.  


John was the man Jesus loved.  In this fourth gospel John wrote about the things Jesus did, and said.  He wanted all the people to see what kind of miracles Jesus preformed and why he preformed them.  He chose stories that showed Jesus was the Son of God and had supernatural powers besides showing the people that Jesus was also a human being like everyone else.

These four gospels tells us almost everything we need to know about Jesus. Gospel means good news, the news being Jesus is the Son of God and he died for our sins.

Could it be these men Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were agitators like Joseph Goebbels, propaganda experts. 

Four of them pro-Jewish, one anti-Semitic.

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