Things That Come My Way... Appearing From Thin Air

I feel like a very lucky person...

For starters I'm still alive and I am very thankful, just for that. Many of my friends never survived the Aids Epidemic of the late 80's.

But let me start this story like this...  A friend dropped by the other day.

We sat at the kitchen table and I got the weed out. I rolled a few joints, to go with our herbal tea and cheese curds. When I went to light up, I found I hadn't any matches.

My friend reached into his pocket and pulled out this fancy electric lighter.  One with no flame. Ingenious!  We smoked and talked.

He told me I could keep it. That it was advertisement for a certain brand of cigarette. My friend worked in a bar. They were giving them out as a promo.

I thought about it later that evening after inspecting it. I wondered how much it would have cost me  if I went to the corner store and bought it. I figured that lighter would have cost about $3.50 plus taxes an that's a low guess.

Do you see where this story is going?

That lighter came to me without me even asking for it. Why?  

I started wondering what other things come my way, besides earnings. Things that are free, without me buying and paying for them. I will start my observations tomorrow, and record each free item given to me. 

How much (money value) do you estimate I will receive in gifts, within the next month? $20, 100, 1000. I'll post a list in 30 days of what I've received and estimated worth.  

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