The Year 2002, Iran Bans All Advertising of American Products - Continues to This Day

His Emenence Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Supreme Ruler

No matter what President Obama does, how much he pleads and begs.  It is to no avail.

Nothing has changed since Iran Hardliners in the Islamic Republic of Iran, a middle east country, banned America in 2002 from posting any advertising to be televised in the country.

The Culture Ministry of Iran is in control of that ban and so far it has been effectively implemented.

Exports to Iran have hence dropped by 50% since David Beckman showed his bare legs in an ad "Makes Your Bike Go Like Beckham." Authorities have blackened the air waves.  

No more Barbie Dolls or Coca Cola, the only thing able to be aired; products that promote oil, perfumes and luxury watches could stay. A good example of how wide a gap there is between the hardliners and reality.

In the ban, the Iranian hardliners, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei himself are tossing around ideas to implement a national dress code to resist "Cultural Invasion" from the west.  

Sounds all to familiar doesn't it?

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