The Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Grade four students at a local public school here in Vancouver were asked by their teacher one day to make a list of what they thought were the, 

'Seven Natural Wonders of the World.'

Students worked on the question for half an hour then the teacher asked the kids to hand in their papers. She did the figures, there was a little discrepancy. This is what the children thought were the:

'Seven Natural Wonders of the World.'

  1. Victoria Falls in Africa
  2. Grand Canyon in the United States
  3. Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  4. Northern Lights in the Arctic
  5. Mount Everest in Nepal
  6. The Gobi Desert in Africa.
  7. Galapagos Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The teacher noticed 'Tommy' a shy little boy sitting in the back was still writing. He had not finished his list yet. The teacher asked him if he was having a problem.

He stood up, cleared his throat, "Yes," he said, "I am having a little trouble making up my mind because there are so many of them."

The teacher said, "Well Tommy, tell us what you have, and maybe we can help."

The little boy hesitated, looked at his other classmates until he caught all their eyes, and their full attention. He then read his list as the other students listened on. "I think the 'Seven Natural Wonders of the World' are," he read:
  1. To see, without my eyes I wouldn't be able to see all the beauty in the world.
  2. To hear, the birds singing.
  3. To touch my mother's face. She's so pretty.
  4. To taste, I love my fathers Chilli.
  5. To laugh, at my older brother when he hurts himself.
  6. To cry, when Grandpa died.
  7. To love and be loved back.
He sat back down. 

I can't help but use this old cliché, 

"The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop." 

To this little boy "The simple things, things we overlook, the ordinary, things that we take for granted are the true, 

'Seven Natural Wonders of the World.'

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Anonymous said...

Is this really true, Mike? Sounds like one of those touching things people put on FaceBook and ask for a million likes for the little boy. When I read stories like this I find them hard to believe. Maybe I'm just a cynical old bastard.

Michael Estey said...

lol I embellished the story a little. What little boy talks like that? Really! And yes, it was at first one of those e-mail spams sent to me. Good eye. Professor Martin Rice PHD. I was basically trying to make a point. lol Thanks for reading Doc. really appreciate the comments.