The Muslim Brotherhoods "General Strategic Goal" for America - "Gradualism"

A big mistake... We can sit back and not listen to what the Islamists are saying.

The most influential Sunni cleric in the world (Yousef al-Qaradawi) is calling on all Muslims to embrace "gradualism"

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi calling for jihad.

Gradualism is an intelligent form of jihad based on pragmatism, patience, and long-term planning and self-evalution.

Back in 1991 an 18-page document listed the Brotherhood's 29 organizations that were its friends and that shared the same common goal of dismantling American Institutions and turning America into a Muslim nation. These groups were identified as groups Muslims could rely on "To  eliminate and destroy Western Civilization from within and making Islam (God's religion) victorious over all other religions. It urges Muslim leaders to make a shift from the (collision mentality) to the (absorption mentality) by placing small benign Islamic groups with unobjectionable motives within American society. Once accepted they can swell from there taking orders and guidance Islamic leaders to rid Western notions of legal equality, freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

For this to succeed, the Brotherhood understands people are influenced by other methods not just religion. People are influenced by the media, education, science, culture etc. By infiltrating these organizations and by working in unison according to one plan they believe it can be accomplished.

Here is a list of the 29 groups already under consideration to infiltrate America.

  • Islamic Society of North America  (ISNA)
  • ISNA Fiqh Committee   (Fiqh Council of North America)
  • ISNA Political Awareness Committee
  • Muslim Youth of North America
  • Muslim Students Assoc. of the U.S. and Canada
  • Assoc. of Muslim Scientists and Engineers
  • Islamic Medical Assoc.  (of North America)
  • Islamic Teaching Centre
  • Malaysian Islamic Study Group
  • Foundation for International Development
  • North American Islamic Trust
  • Islamic Centres Division
  • American Trust Publications
  • Audio-Visual Centre
  • Islamic Book Service
  • Islamic Circle of North America
  • Muslim Arab Youth Assoc.
  • Islamic Assoc. for Palestine
  • United Assoc. for Studies and Research
  • International Institute of Islamic Thought
  • Muslim Communities Assoc.
  • Assoc. of Muslim Social Scientists of N.America
  • Islamic Housing Cooperative
  • Muslim Businessmen Assoc.
  • Islamic Education Department
  • Occupied Land Fund  (Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development
  • Mercy International Assoc.
  • Baitul Mal Inc.
  • Islamic Information Centre of America

A recent release from the Pentagon:

"The strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America is multifold: The destruction of Western civilization through a long-term civilization-killing Jihad from within (by their hands) and through sabotage using the (hands of believers) and secondly; to support the global Islamic movement to establish an Islamic super-state, the caliphate. The Pentagon

Quite a big list for starters, there are more. Be afraid, be really afraid.

Dog Brindle

       The Muslim Brothers "General Strategic Goal"
       Homeland Security

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