The Ghastliest of Crimes - Infanticide

It happens all the time.  Why am I so surprised?

The latest, a Calgary mother, Meredith Borowiec who put three of her newborns in plastic garbage bags and tossed them in dumpsters was charged with two counts of infanticide. Only one body was ever recovered. 

It sounds so barbaric, doesn't it?

What would make a woman or a man commit such a ghastly crime. Kill their own babies.

I had to dig further. The practice of killing newborns is called Neonaticide. Neonaticide happens soon after birth within 24 hours and is commonly committed by the mother. If it happens when the child is more than a day old, the father is more likely to be the murderer, possibly a step father. Like male lions that take over a pride and kill all the cubs from the former pride leader to replace with his own. 

Since ancient times, the most frequent method of infanticide was abandonment. Leaving the baby out in the elements to fend for itself. The wild animals usually got them, or the weather, exposure, hypothermia, hunger, thirst, the list goes on. This form of infanticide is still common today, such as the case of Meredith Borowiec where she abandoned the babies, left them in the dumpsters, come what may.

It's estimated that 2.1 per 100,000 newborns are killed today, by this method, and is much higher in poverty or in over populated regions of the world, females are particularly vulnerable. 

In Canada if a mother commits this crime while still under the duress of giving birth, she is charged with infanticide, a lesser offence than homicide.

Sex education at an early age should be mandatory and the use of contraception, birth control and abortions are ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies the basic cause of infanticide.

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