The Enemies of Islam

Why is the religion of Islam loathed by so many people in the world today.

This is a list compelled by me of loathings for the Islamic religion.

According to believers of Islam, loathers can be categorized into eight specific groups. Loathers are people Islamists feel are against them.

1.  Polytheists and Ignorant people.

Under no circumstances should a person believe in any other god but Allah.

Allah says:  Say, [O Muhammad] "Is it other than Allah that you order me to worship, O ignorant ones?

2.  Those whose natural dispositions have become adulterated.

Islam agrees with the natural dispositions of humans but no change should there be in the creation of Allah, the natural innate state (Islamic Monothesism) in other words no other god should be worshipped.

3.  Unjust people.

Islam is a religion of peace and equality.  Allah warns people that they should be reminded of bad conduct and oppression.

4.  Those against Islam spreading mischief and wrongdoing.

Since Islam is the religion of righteousness and reform, it does not like corruption.

5.  Transgressors.

Fight in the way of Allah, fight those who fight with you but do not commit aggression.

6.  The fanatics and extremists.

Islamists claim their religion of Islam is a moderate religion.

7.  People who have lustful desires.

Allah says do not approach unlawful sexual intercouse.  Avoid roads at all costs that lead to it. It is evil.

8.  Those who desire worldly life, 

As Islam is a religion of mutual support and mercy which fights exploitation and weakness.

Of course, there are others. 

In summary the staunch watertight enemy is;

  • Anyone who isn't part of the solution is the problem.

  • Anyone who believes other than the belief of Islam is the enemy. 

World dominance the goal.

That is why in my opinion, the religion of Islam is viewed and loathed throughout the world today.

Prepare yourself for war.

Dog Brindle

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