The Day Half of You - Met, The Other Half of You, - To Become You.

Say you are forty-one years of age. You were born on this day, but in 1972.  This could be an answer to one of your most enduring questions.

When did my father's sperm meet my mother's egg?

The year before, in December your father was building a storehouse of semen and one of those little guys was half of you, but you will soon be released and be the lucky winner out of 500 million other contestants to meet your future other half. Consider yourself a winner no matter what anyone tells you.

In January of the next year, 72', your mother has had her last period. The next egg will be the other half of you. Waiting like a damsel in distress. Like a game and your goal is to reach her first. Thanks to you, being the best, among all those other sperms, mom won't have another menstrual cycle for a long time.

This is the day Mom and Dad got together near the end of January. Due to Googles policy on pornography you'll have to imagine what happened next. 

How it happened doesn't matter, it happened. You are now on your way to becoming the complete you. This is...

The Day You Met Your Other Half

You have met this stranger, your other half. You like each other. 

A sunny day in January and it's your "First Day Living." You have become a living entity.

Mom's surprised when she gets the first hint she's pregnant in February, missing her period and tells your daddy, who starts fingering the dates on his hand. Deep in concentration. Obviously his method of contraception (The Rhythm Method) wasn't perfect.

Today is also important because it was the first time your heart pumped. It's almost weird, your father hears about your life the day you make your first heart beat.

After the first week of May it's too late for you to be aborted. You have been granted permission to live by the life givers, Mom and Dad. 

They had thought about abortion, but decided against it. So, you got to stay, until it was time to be born. 

You've been in your mother's womb for 9 months now and it was getting cramped. You want out.

The first week of November you were born and entered the world.  

Happy Birthday to all you Scorpios and Sagittarians you made it!

See what happened in your own case, at Poke My Birthday

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