The Cycle of Life - The Law of Return

Before! Before man. The earth took care of itself. It had the perfect system. The Water, Carbon and Oxygen, and Nitrogen Cycles. The cycle of life. The law of return.

Let me describe each briefly. 

The Water Cycle   

Water, we can't live without it. This cycle allocates water, dispersing it throughout the world. 
  • Solar Power makes evaporation happen.
  • Condensation purifies it.
  • Clouds disperse it.

The Carbon and Oxygen Cycles

This is why we never run out of air to breathe.
  • Photosynthesis, plants take in carbon dioxide and produce carbohydrates and oxygen.
  • It all happens cleanly, efficiently and quietly.

The Nitrogen Cycle

We need all kinds of molecules to exist. To make those molecules we need nitrogen. Luckily air is 78% Nitrogen. 
  • Gets absorbed into the ground.
  • Animals eat it as in the plants.
  • When they die they release the nitrogen back into the soil.

All totally simple systems. How has man managed to screw them all up?

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