Since I've seen one, I've always believed in ghosts...

What is it, that fascinates people about ghosts?

I once saw a ghost...

I was young, in my early teens, maybe twelve.

I had bunk beds placed in the corner of my bedroom, with a wooden ladder near the foot.  Even though it was my bedroom and it was only myself that slept there.

I always slept on the top. The bottom vacant, but at the ready if one of my pals decided he wanted to sleep over. 

I never liked the claustrophobic feeling, sleeping on the bottom after seeing Vincent Price's movie "The House of Usher" where a woman sleeps in a bed in this old castle, and the bed canopy slowly comes down while she is sleeping, and smothers her. 

Sometimes during the middle of the night I would awaken to the bunk bed shaking. I'd look over and find my dog scratching a flea. He had snuck up onto the bottom bunk when I was asleep.  It happened often. I'd, shoo him off, but he'd be back as soon as I fell back asleep.  He was a great dog, but for that!

One night, the bed shook...

I was facing the wall corner. The blankets pulled up tight. I woke. I looked at the black wall infront of me. It was black, dark.

"Rex" I said, without turning or looking down.  I waited.  I didn't feel that slink as he would if he slid off the bed.  "Rex," I said louder. Nothing! I laid there facing the wall, listening for him to get off the bed.  Nothing!

This is when I saw the ghost, but first, as I'm facing the wall, I felt something drop on my legs, just below my knees, and slide across my legs. It startled me. My blanket was being pulled off. I jumped and turned to see what was happening, even though it was dark.

An old lady standing on the ladder had her arms up over my legs clawing, trying to climb into the bed, trying to grab onto my legs. I froze, as she pulled the blanket right off the bed, I watched as it was being pulled and disappear over the edge of the bed. The ghost was still trying to grab onto my legs, even though I no longer felt anything.

Before I screamed in terror, I got a good visual of her. She had something on her head like what "Aunt Jemima" wore.  A tied up bandana, and what seemed like a long old fashion dress with a huge white collar, her whole image was white, against the blackness of the room.

I started to kick at her, but felt nothing, my feet went right through her, but she did look like she fell off the ladder. Latter I realized it looked more like she disappeared, like the bad witch in "The Wizard of Oz" as if she melted.  It took a few seconds before I had the nerve to look over the bed to the floor to see who it was. 

I could hear Rex, running up the stairs when I finally did let out that scream reaching for the light switch.

Of course there was nothing there.  That's why it's a "Ghost Story"

Dog Brindle

The haunted house where I grew up.

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