See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Dementia, a living hell!

Could you imagine not worrying about tomorrow?  Or, caring less about yesterday. The past.  You don't even think about right now?  You can't even remember your name, who you are or where you are. Everyone's a stranger even though most of the people at your side, you've known most, if not all your life.

Not even caring about loved ones, not recognizing anything, though you're in your own home, in your own bedroom and in your own bed, with a stranger every time you roll over, the person always someone else, and you don't care.  You couldn't care less about yourself!  You couldn't give a rat's ass if the sun came up in the morning or set at night. You didn't even realize you woke up this morning, the same every morning.


It means darkness. From the a latin word which originally meant "Madness."  Actually it's not a disease at all but a non-specific syndrome of signs and symptoms of affected cognitive areas of the brain, which involve human skills such as memory, attention, language and problem solving, and you have to have these symptoms for at least 6 months before you can be diagnosed with dementia, anything before that a person is diagnosed as "delirious."  

I've lost the time before. I've asked, "What time is it?" or, "Is today Saturday or Sunday?"  Haven't you?  

It's different with dementia, you become disorientated, not just in time, but in place, and body.  

I've looked in the mirror after drinking heavily years ago and said to the stranger looking back at me. "Good grief what happened to you." Not recognizing myself! 

Haven't you?

5% of the geriatric population with dementia are over 65. If it happens before the age of 65 it's called "Early Onset Dementia."

It's often confused with Alzheimer's disease which usually has an onset of Dementia.

See if you might be/are demented...

Take the Abbreviated Mental Test Score. Answer Quickly.

Question :

1. I'll start off with a hard question. What is your name, age and sex? Give yourself 1 point if you answered correctly. If you missed. Please sign your will. 

2. What is the time if the large hand is on the two and the small hand is on the ten? Ten to two we will accept. This is not an exact science. (1 point if answered correctly) 

3.  Remember this address.   86 East Avenue. Without looking... at the end of this test write your answer. (1 point) if you accomplished this, remember no cheating

4.  What is the year? (1 point)  AD or BC. If you live in British Columbia.  (Trick question).

5.  Is the name of the city you live in, Vancouver? Substitute Vancouver for your city, if you can remember. (1 point) 

6.  Can you recognize these two persons  (1 point)
If you answer correctly.  You pass.  No need to go any further.

7.  What is your date of birth? (day and month - 1 point) If you're a woman omit this question, if you want!

(Lying will do no good, you've already kinda answered in question one.)                                                                

8.  In what year did World War II begin? 
a. 1939  b. 1939  c. 1939  Circle one with an X. (1 point)

(You don't have to be exact on the date, other dates can be used, as long as it was a long time ago.)

9.  Name the present Prime Minister. (1 point)

(You can always substitute this question with something like "When did you come to Canada? " just a suggestion)

If you must take a look at his photo.  Do you recognize him?

10. Count backwards from 20 down to 1. Starting at 100. (1 point) 

Did you forget to write that address down?  

If you forgot or got any wrong, I'd suggest seeing your doctor right away. But sorry, there's no cure for Dementia.

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