Praise! We don't give enough.

How long has it been since you praised someone? Really sung it out!

Or expressed your gratitude, respect and warm approval and admiration for a job well done. 

Is praise tangible.
Can it fill a room?

It attaches meaning and value. A prize. Acknowledgement. 

I say, applaud, clap, pay tribute to, and speak highly of. Eulogize them, compliment them, and commend them. Congratulate, sing, and rave about. Rapture in! Make much ado of, give a pat on the back, then take your hat off. Lionize, admire, and hail them.

In other words...

Say thanks.

Don't over do it, another red flag for the person being praised. Or be jealous, and shameful. Don't condemn, blame, and most of all. Don't worship, an oxymoron for praise. 

I would think twice if someone started worshipping me, even if I might like it.

It's a sign of weakness and has religious connotations. Use the word worship only in conjunction with religion. 

Alway praise, when circumstances warrant it. I do!

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