Poetry in the Old Testament. Job

Nothing but one big love story...

Job after he lost everything, 
including the shirt off his back.

The Bible, the Old Testament has five books of poetry and wisdom. Written in Hebrew and often in pairs of two lines. The second line usually repeats a thought from the first line or describes the complete opposite.  

These books are, first the books of Job. Job is the name of a man, a good and just man. He lost everything after becoming sick, but kept his faith. The book questions man's suffering, of the young and the good. The main theme of this book, "God is much too powerful and wonderful for anyone to understand let alone comprehend."

Then the book of Psalms, the most beautifully written of the five books. I didn't say that, some old time theologist did. The poems were written for praise, worship, thankfulness and repentance. Most were written by King David.

The book of Proverbs is a collection of wise sayings giving good advice on living life. It begins by reminding people... 

"The fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Knowledge." 

Most were written by King Solomon, the last two weren't. Two other guys that I've never heard of, wrote them, Agur and Lemuel. Ring any bells?

Ecclesiastes studies life. Is the teacher. He has decided the meaning of life. It was him that coined "A life without God is not a life at all," or was that Billy Graham, I forget?  

Last is Song of Songs a bunch of love poems between two lovers.  I hate to say this, but nary a one written in praise for same sex marriage.

That was then, this is now. There must be a sixth book out there somewhere, sitting on a shelf, never published, collecting dust, a newer edition.

I'm not preaching again, am I?

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