November 9, 1888 The Ripper's Last Victim - Her Claim To Fame

Mary Jane Kelly

Her claim to fame; she was the last victim of the illusive Jack the Ripper, the notorious serial killer, who stalked Whitechapel in London from August to early November 9, 1888. She became the monsters fifth victim, she was from Irish decent, twenty-five years old and poorer than a church mouse. 

Buxom, Mary Jane Kelly, also known as Marie Jeanette Kelly—Ginger—Fair Emma—or Black Mary, was described as being pretty. She worked in a brothel in London's famous West End but gravitated to the East End a more seedier section of London. She was described; quiet sober, loud and boisterous when drinking. It was also reported she was behind in her rent payments, owed money. Attempts to slur the victim by the police. It ironic that the man who discovered the body was the rent collector. She had been horribly mutilated.

Mary Jane Kelly's horribly mutilated body (Police photo)

It was estimated this murder took two hours to complete. Placed, saturated in blood, naked in the bed. Her head was turned left. Her right arm was half amputated, the fingers clenched. Her legs were spread. She was disemboweled. Her uterus, liver and kidneys with one breast were under her head. Her head had been completed cut around the neck, the bone is the only thing that kept it attached. He must have been trying to cut it off. The other breast also cut off was placed by her feet. Body parts (thighs) were on the table beside the bed. The skin of her thigh was peeled down to her knee. Her face was slashed beyond recognition. Her nose, ears, cheeks, eyebrows were partly removed. 

Luckily, she was dead before being cut up.

The weapon a 6 inch knife. The police surmised the murderer had no medical or scientific training nor anatomical knowledge, not even enough to be a butcher.  

She rests in a grave at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery. No one attended her funeral.

The murder is still a cold case, one of those unsolved mysteries.

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