Nomophobia - The Fear of Being Without Your Cell Phone

We've all done it!
Panicked when we couldn't find our cell phone, or the batteries ran low, or credit, or you are out of your networks area.  

Don't worry according to studies, out of 2,163 people 53% men and 48% women suffer from the phobia. Add another 9% just if their phones were shut off.

No one wants to lose their cell phones but would you believe there are people who obsess about it.

Nomophobia a social psychological disease is the Fear of Being Without Mobile Phone Contact.

The term Nomophobia is an abbreviation for "no-mobile-phone phobia, and at the present time a plague of our 24/7 times.

To some, symptoms are equivalent to "Stage Fright" or "Trips to the dentist."

5% Wanted to stay in touch with family.
10% Needed to be in touch with work.

It is argued that the word "phobia" is too strong a word and is almost consider normal anxiety.

If you are a nomophobe you are 50% more likely to never switch off your mobile phone.

People tend to disbelieve the survey with outright disbelief and amusement. 

The only way to control this phobia is to go cold turkey. Switch it off! 
At least once a week. Carry a battery charger or spare batteries with you at all times. A spare prepaid phone card and most of all safely secure your phone in your pocket.

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