Man-Boobs, the decline of testosterone levels.

Gynecomastia have you heard of it? It happens in males. When suddenly his breast tissues enlarge and he developes breasts.  

Now I remember, it comes back to me... 

I was a kid, I was at school. It was during gym and we were in our bathings suits, standing in a row, at the edge of the pool, ready to dive in. 

That's when I noticed some of my male class-mates had boobs. I now find out that it is quite common in newborns and half or more of adolescent boys have some kind of breast development during puberty. Most boys resolve these issues naturally within two years.

But this is not the case if you're getting older. In normal ageing testosterone levels decline. Known as senile gynecomastia, hitting men after the age of sixty for a number of reasons. Reasons like tumours, that produce hormones that alter the male-female balance or your thyroid gland producing too much of the hormone thyroxine which leads to gynecomastia, the same with kidney and liver problems, resulting in big boobs!

Surgery is the only option and is not a guarantee, there is a multiple number of complications that can occur. 

Before and after surgery.

And the worlds record for the "man with the largest boobs" goes to an unidentified Chinese man.

One good thing is, it's not harmful.  You won't die from having big breasts. My advice. 

Enjoy them!

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ali mezdeği said...

it's disgusting. I want to have an operation. But Turkey is an aesthetic surgery, the doctor of need. Jinekomasti