Male Bashing is not fun. "I Hope She/He Was Worth It!""

I was reading an article in 'The Fifty2Ninety Daily' an article from AARP;  Men who don't cheat on their wives.

It was almost humorous.

I have to stand up and protect my fellow brothers...

It suggests men are cheating on their spouses more and more but for the ones that aren't, here is the list for reasons men don't cheat on their partners.

Why Men Don't Cheat on their partners because:

  • Some men are lazy,
The writer adds that not all men are lazy just some.
  • Some men are just plain too ugly,
Not in my case.
  • Lots of men are too cheap,
Not everyone is Bill Gates, or a Paul Getty.
  • Men are afraid of getting caught.
  • Cheating is too time consuming.
True, if I could only get away from the TV this winter.
  • Men are too boring
How dare you!
  • Men have seen "Fatal Attraction"
If there was ever a good reason this takes the cake.

If I hadn't read who wrote it I would have thought a woman was the contributor but no, it was a guy named Joe Queenan from AARP The Magazine.

This is a classic case of Male Bashing and bullying, and if it were about women cheating on their husbands there would be a public uproar from all the 'cheating' suffragettes out there.

Such a one sided article. I researched the topic. So before us men string poor Joe up to the nearest galley for being a male traitor.  Here is a list why men do cheat:

Men Cheat on their partners because:

  • they can't say no
  • it boosts mens egos
  • of peer pressure
  • he wants to end a relationship he's in
  • his partner enables him
  • it's a status symbol
  • they want to prove they are 'not gay' or 'he is gay'
  • the experience of having sex with someone new
  • he can get away with it
  • he's opportunistic
  • he wants to get a sense of entitlement
  • his partner will never know
  • he wants to prove his manhood
  • it's the thrill of the chase
  • he's a player
  • he knows his partner will take him back
  • he really loves the new person
  • he has poor role models
  • he can play out certain sex acts
  • of drugs and alcohol
  • of cultural pressures
  • he wants to prove he's still got it
  • he wants to get revenge
  • he's a sex addict
  • he has low moral values
  • he doesn't believe in monogamy
  • he thinks all men cheat
  • he didn't think his partner really cared
  • he's a spoiled, selfish, and inconsiderate brat
  • he wants to have his cake and eat it too
  • he can
  • he wants to make his partner jealous
  • he's a nonconformist and loves breaking the rules
  • he's smart enough to get away with it
  • on and on and on

Do you see where this is leading?

Are there any good reasons men cheat on their partners? All I've seen so far is negativity.

You tell me.

So, men, if you cheat, remember;

Male Bashing is not fun. 

"I hope she/he was worth it!" 

Dog Brindle

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