Is Agriculture and Medical Technology the Beginning of Armageddon?

Take a reasonable guess at how many people have lived and died throughout history in all eternity?

Would you guess, something like a hundred, billion, trillion zillion people?

I would have.

I did a little digging and surprisingly and depending on if you believe in evolution, it's a big number, but not as big as I would have thought.  

It's easily calculated if you allow yourself a reasonable margin of error, maybe a billion either way the estimates range from 100 to 110 billion births and deaths, derived from scientific and historical data.

How Many People Have Ever Lived On Earth? 108 Billion
YearPopulationBirths per 1,000Births Between Benchmarks
50,000 B.C.2--
8000 B.C.5,000,000801,137,789,769
1 A.D.300,000,0008046,025,332,354

Using this data scientists have estimated at the year 1 AD the population of the earth was 300 million. The whole earth. I was surprised!

Before 1 AD for 50,000 years the population was lower than this estimated population, then there's a sharp increase after that date. People started having babies faster than Ford could pop out his, 'Tin Lizzie'.

In 1650 about 1/2 billion. 

Today over 8 billion.

Studies of other animals that had an unlimited amount of healthy food and were immune to disease had the same effect on their populations. They sky rocketed themselves multiplying themselves right off the face of the earth.

So I've come to this conclusion...

Man is doing the same thing. Since 1 AD we have had an over abundance of food, no matter what anyone says, farming and agriculture today can and does produce more food than the world needs. (we could feed the hungry of the world if we wanted) and medicine which has basically stopped diseases and prolonged everyone's death.

It's a wild guess but about 75% of people that have ever lived on earth are living today.  Egads!

Agriculture and Medical Technology is what Armageddon is all about.  Both interacting together.  That's what's going to kill us all!

This is all guessing of course.  Everything depends on what we know, which isn't very much, mostly theory.

No one knows for sure.

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