Frozenpeaz - A Frozen Bag of Peas or Medical Device

For starters lets get this clear, pea pods are botanically a fruit, basically developed from the female ovaries of an annual pea flower,  Pisum sativum.  

We use them as vegetables.  Like tomatoes.

We all know the goodness, and how tasty peas can be, but did you know a bag of peas could be used as a medical device to reduce swelling by constricting blood vessels and can numb pain. As good as a used tea bag or a steak for a shiner.

Frozen peas are sometimes better to use that ice-packs because ice-packs need to thaw, lessening the chilling effect while the pea bag conforms to the shape of the body, without thawing.

There is a problem using a bag of peas though.  After they thaw, they refreeze in clumps, rendering them useless as a pack, because it would have to thaw again before conforming to your body.

Now there's a new type of bag of peas meant only for medical use, called Frozenpeaz.  It looks just like a bag of peas from your freezer, but isn't. You freeze them as you would a normal bag of peas which takes about four hours.  Twenty minutes is the recommended maximum time for a session of cold therapy.  It can also be used to provide heat, for chronic joint pain by placing it in the microwave.

The downsize of this medical device is, it's more expensive than a bag of peas.

Plus you can't eat them afterwards.  I wonder how many bags accidentally get opened.

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Anonymous said...

When they re-freeze in clumps, take a flat weapon such as a cheese grater and pound them apart...good for round two.