Does Clothing Become Part of Your Soul?

Every time you hear of a ghost it's usually some old lady walking down a hallway or staircase in some haunted mansion, donning a flowing floor length wedding gown. Sometimes it's a man wearing a tuxedo and top hat with a cane, sometimes a child in tattered rags. What about people that have died naked?

What's up with that?

Are there no nude ghosts?

I had to investigate deeper. I found out that "Are there no nude ghosts?" wasn't that unusual of a question to ask a paranormal investigator. This question is often used to rebuke the question of ghosts by skeptics to be, only the workings of the imagination.

I thought about it and yes, it does raise some questions. If a ghost is human spirit energy, why does the convention of manufactured clothing also manifest with the person's soul.

Some researchers believe ghosts could be "residual images" which remain and linger long after a person dies, a playback of sorts.

Some researchers believe ghosts are electromagnetic energy, our spirit or soul or personality. We know it exists inside the body, the problem is they haven't figured why it can't live outside the body after the body dies. Possibly it does, and this is our spirit, the ghost. The ghost would visualize itself, probably in the clothing of the time that he died and project that image of himself, in clothing.

Some researchers believe ghosts manipulate themselves, only letting people see what it wants people to see, so you will recognize them. Take this example; picture yourself in your mind. Probabilities are, you are wearing clothing. See? I wouldn't want anyone looking at me nude, either. Not too pretty! You probably don't want to scare people more than you already are. That would make a creepy ghost!

Some researchers think ghosts are a peek into multiple universes and dimensions, around us at all times. "The other side" it's called, apparently they wear clothing on the other side, and never change.

Others believe clothing is part of who you are?  We've all heard of the saying, "Dress for Success" Isn't that the image you want to project for yourself? Do you see where I'm going with this line of thought. ( If you're a bum, and you dress like a bum, your image will look like a bum) Still with me?

Not too many people think they have beautiful bodies and are proud of them. Could that be the reason we don't see to many nude ghosts, which might mean they were secure with their sexuality when they were alive. Who knows? It surprises me how many of these ghosts, the old women from the 18th, still wear their corsets. You'd think death would free them from that bondage.   

This is strange and worth noting. I remember hearing this story as a boy... 

A man in England was walking along a road by himself when suddenly he saw an army of Roman soldiers, coming his way. They were wearing, heavy medieval helmets with plumes, carried sceptres and flags, some on horses but most were walking. You would think that strange but what was stranger; none had legs below the knee, not even the horses.  They passed as if the man wasn't standing there watching. He found out later, there was an old buried road that the Romans used on crusades, two feet under the present road.

I did come across one nude ghost in my research. A man, a nude monk who haunts The Crystal Palace Bath House. Sorry no pictures of the actual ghost.

Can you imagine ghosts of the future, cell phones in hand, tattoo'd and pierced, sweat pants, runners and reversed baseball cap advertising Nike, texting as they float across the room, after all that's part of them, isn't it?

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