Do you need an extra $20,000. It seems Canada is handing out Ca$h. A lot of it!

Did you know that Canada hands out more than $400 billion every year, in government grants to ordinary Canadians like you and I. Yes, you read that right!

"There must be some mistake."

Unbelievable isn't it? When there is so much poverty in Canada and here we are being taxed, tolled, and regulated to death. I wonder how abused this system is?

There are more than 5,000 federal programs, to fit every niche. Plus, there are 65,000 - 100,000 groups, foundations, companies, and individuals handing out money for: Business Grants, Grants for Minorities, Grants for Women, Grants for Students, Educational Grants, Housing Grants, Grants for this, Grants for that, the list is endless.

I thought, "Where could I use some extra cash. I'd love to start a business, not sure what kind. I'd love to buy a fixer upper and fix it up. I need to pay bills. Visa needs to be paid. I need things, like that 15" MacBook Air I've been wishing for."

I checked into it. What? They don't do a credit check, nor need a security deposit, nor a co-signer, you don't need collateral, and it doesn't matter if you went bankrupt. The only request the Canadian Government asks, are a Canadian Citizen? A perfect setup for a scammer.

I've heard, this story, not sure if it's true but it gives you an idea of how crazy your idea can be. Some artsy-fartsy group applied for a grant to make a video game that depicts a female superhero sent to save the planet Earth from climate change allegedly caused by social issues that affect women. They received $100,000. Have you seen it? I'm not sure there is one.

Why? Why do they give out money so easily?

The answer, to stimulate the economy, and due to recent bailouts and such, there's more money than ever to pass around.

Have you got more than one project? Apply for multiple grants, without receiving any penalties. This is a secret, most Canadians are in the dark about, that you can keep applying to this and that until the cows come home.

There is one catch, though!  

You have to go looking for it!  It won't come to you. There's a lot of companies that do this for you, but guess what. It costs money!

If you go it alone, I'd advise you go directly the Canadian Government Grant web sites, there's plenty but first check this out first, it tells you how to go about it. 

Ask for lots!

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