Code of Honour in Prison... Sex Offences are not Tolerated

I've been asking around, trying to find out what really happens to a rapist, child molesters, deviants and such in prison.  How do the other inmates treat them? 

Apparently, the general consensus is that crimes against women and children are not tolerated. Inmates have a "Code of Honour" no matter the severity of their own crimes.  

Sex offenders and such are usually segregated for their entire duration of their sentences and when appearing for court appearances. They are not released into the general public, for their own safety, but if by chance one was released into the general population, which is rare, beatings and murder is a probability that would take place. Sometimes worse things happen, torture and mutation for example, use your imagination.  

One reason why prisoners are so disgusted with Child Molesters is; most of them have been victims of child molesters themselves, as children, which led them to a life of crime that ended up themselves being in prison for making the wrong choices in life. Child molesters are usual weak, and easy for the other inmates to prey upon. So they are targeted. Many inmates have kids themselves, and think this guy could have done that to his wife or his kids, they immediately want to kill him.  

It's been recorded child rapists are the worst crybabies ever. Why me, Poor me? Plus most, blame their victims. The children themselves."

"It wasn't my fault, you've got to believe me!"

He cried, before they slit his throat!

Let's face it.  Sex offenders are not tolerated in prison.

Don't be one!

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Sherry said...

while generally you are right about sex offenders not being tolerated in prison settings - this is the surface - the public face of prisoners - a hyaricky had to be entrenched into the "folk law"of prisons- what is more an undertow - is that many of the guys in there (1), have abused their own families sexually and physically and dont want that known (weakness), (2) dont want to believe that their loved ones went voluntarily off with another lover, etc, so in order to "save face" promote an environment that sex offenders are indeed different to them or (3) and this is the most heavy of the undercurrents with a large number of prisoners - that of possession - how dare someone else touch my child, woman, dog etc - they are my mine" and the louder i shout these concepts and blur them in with concerns of the public - i wont be questioned on my behaviors because "I NEVER WOULD" and "I WOULD KILL ANYONE WHO TOUCHED WHATS MINE"- so as you can see...the reasons as to why sex offences are decried and reviled so loudly and the sex offenders bullied, assaulted or at the very least ostracized - is because they allow the rest of the prison population to maintain a sense of order and prevent "do gooders"- like me to challenge their core beliefs and own secretive behaviors - remember most offences against another human is usually done behind closed doors - public offences like Burgs,Robbery, Common Assault, Break and Enters are appluaded - even some domestic violent offenders - depending on their standing within the criminal community are not put down or belittled - and some rapists (of adult women/men)are not actually small quite unassuming males - they are usually quite proud of their achievements and no one appears to take them down a peg - a change in prison thinking is that child molestation is the only truely unacceptable behaviour - even child porn- due to the numbers of offenders being committed on it, is not receiving the standard distate from the general prison population - why - because many of these men come very close to watching themselves - barely legal porn sites etc - or girlfriends who are only 15-16 - see what i mean - very interesting!