Child Pornography and The Criminal Code of Canada

What do pedophiles not understand about child pornography?  

I'm surfing the net. I come across this man's picture. I was surprised because I indirectly knew this man, of course that was a long time ago, we were younger but I remember him. It was the early 80's. 

Warren Robert Allen 51

He was always behind the bar in one of the local disco's I frequented. Well known and liked throughout the Vancouver Gay Community. 

A former RCMP officer. Infected with HIV to complicate matters. He was accused of sexually assaulting a 14 year old boy after bragging about it on the internet. He had sent over 6,700 images to an undercover cop. When police checked his computer they found 840,000 images. He allegedly described himself as "Pozzing" on the internet, meaning he was trying to infect as many unsuspecting men as possible through unprotected sex.

He pleaded guilty, felt ashamed, embarrassed, as stated he had health issues being HIV for 23 years.
He was also fighting cancer and had heart bypass surgery, and at the time of his arrest on disability. Then add insult to injury he was addicted to Crystal Meth.

No one knew about his secret obsession and wouldn't have guessed he was a prolific secret child pornography collector and distributor.

By child pornography this is what the Criminal Code of Canada means. Section 163.1  Child pornography whether or not made electronically or mechanically, is any picture, film, video or other visual representation  that shows an under aged person (18 years of age) in Canada, engaged in or appears to be engaged in sexual activity and if the dominant characteristic of that depiction is used for a sexual purpose or is of a sexual organ or the anal region of the person under age. It includes any written, visual, or audio recordings of the said. 

That is a definition of Child Pornography.

Then there's making child pornography. Don't even think about making money from Child Pornography. Any person who makes, prints, publishes or possesses child pornography is breaking the law. How hard is that to understand? It is an indictable offence and liable to get you imprisoned for 10 years.  

If you distribute child Pornography which includes, transmitting, making available, selling, advertising, importing or exporting or possessing the above could land you another 10 years.

Just possessing child pornography is an indictable offence and you could get 5 years. Little do people know even going looking for it will get you 5 years.

The only way you could get away viewing Child Pornography is if it's used in a court of law to administer justice, or for science, medicine or education or art but cannot pose any risk to the child.

Back to Warren the Child Pornographer. He killed himself not long after his sentencing. He was found dead in his cell at Little Mountain Institution.

I asked around and found out, his last days were spent in terror, the fear of what would happen to him in prison.  

It was mentioned only two or three people attended his memorial. 

Just goes to show you. "Don't judge a book by its cover!"

Dog Brindle

ref: ctv news


Chris Blackmore said...

"Little do people know even going looking for it will get you 5 years."

Today we were told that our Bullingdon Boy Cameron has made Google and Microsoft detect and report about 100,000 searches that will be regarded as proof that the searcher is looking for child pornography. Only, we can't be told what search terms they are. Given the number of searches a day, it's only a matter of time before some poor chap accidentally types one of them in, or a kitten on a laptop does it.

Michael Estey said...

It's surprising how many lives are destroyed by Child Pornography (what I call a sickness). Not just the children but the families, of both the victims and the perpetrators. Don't people know they will get caught, eventually. Joining groups and meeting the wrong person, a cop. What's up with that? Are they stupid or just want to get caught. The danger involved. What is it?

Laurie M said...

I hear child molesters have it worse in prison than anyone else. This is a horrible and sick offence and it is true you can't judge a book by its cover, you never know what someone is capable of. So sad and horribly wrong.