Be Careful What You Wish For, It May Come True

Of course you've heard of the saying,  

"Be Careful What You Wish For, It May Come True"

I'm going to have to disagree with that old wives tale. Why be careful? Be daring and gutsy when it comes to your dreams. Dream big, dream wild, use your imagination. Dreams spark the passion and should awaken the beast within you.  

Can you imagine Martin Luther King Jr. in front of 250,000 civil rights activists delivering his speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the American Civil Rights Movement, without him saying those famous words, 

"I have a dream"

King had been preaching about dreams since 1960 when he first gave a speech to the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP), a speech called "The Negro and the American Dream."

The repetition (anaphora) "Now is the time," four times and "I have a dream" eight times are King's urges to his audience to seize the moment, to act on your dreams.

He didn't give up dreaming.

If you know you're destined to a much bigger and better life, don't procrastinate or worry, don't get frustrated because your wishes don't seem to be coming true, have patience.

If you do find your dream, don't let it pass you by. Head in that direction. Act on opportunity. Dreams make life worth living. 

As the saying goes, When life deals you a shit load of lemons, make lemon-ade

Your dreams are the sole reason to keep life going when the going gets tough and wishes may be the only thing that gets you through life's dilemmas.

Wishes will inspire you to attain higher goals, and if you follow your dreams you will be inspiring others which leads to deep, meaningful relationships and experiences. There's amazing people to meet, mentors and other high achievers that will support you all the way to success, right to the top.  

Going after something you are passionate about will build confidence and you'll achieve gratification knowing you went after that dream and you'll have a more positive outlook toward life.

Don't fear your dreams embrace them.
Wish big, the sky's the limit.

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