When is big... too big!

Look Magazine - Circulation 6.5 million - Went Under Today Oct 19, 1971

It's hard to believe a magazine so popular could have gone ka-put!

"When is big, too big?"

On its first first publication it sold over 705,000 copies.
That was in 1937.

The secret to it's success was in the formatting, with it's long captions under pictures and short, short stories.

Norman Rockwell was hired as illustrator. They had all the top notch people.

By 1969  it peaked at 7.75 million per issue bi-weekly.
By 1971 it died ceasing publication on Oct 19/71


A $5 million loss the prior year.

It's competitor, television grabbing lost advertising revenue.

Circulation was at 6.5 million when it closed. Bi-weekly?

Was that not enough?


For just $5 million dollars, we lost an icon, something that can never be replaced. 

We would scoff at $5 Million, today

Was there no alternative?
It really begs the question.

When is big, too big?

It takes a lot to feed a giant, 
a good a reason as any!

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