What makes those old black and white photos look so depressing?

Today Was the Beginning of The Great Depression

Oct 29, 1929

The Day After The Stock Market Crashed.

We all know what happened.  It's something to fear. 

There's something about looking at old pictures of the Depression, that got my curiosity.  Seeing children in rags standing in a line-up, scrounging for a meal from a soup kitchen. The homeless, in their shanty's.  The poverty and the starvation. The dying. 

Besides all that!

It's the pictures themselves, taken in black and white which give them that sinister, hopelessness look. 

I compared the picture above to a similar picture that could have been taken in any major Canadian city, today!

It must have been my imagination
because colour gives it depth, mystery and realism as this picture suggests.

Doesn't it?

Isn't it, more real?

Dog Brindle


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Martin Rice said...

You're right. Color makes a huge difference. But not to the poor devil depicted. He's just as miserable in black and white, too. But I do think the color makes the image more powerful.