What does it take to make one hamburger pattie?

I'm not knocking MacDonalds. I could have thought this in any restaurant! 

I just happened to be in MacDonalds at the time, I'm a regular...

...I was in MacDonalds the other day, chowing down on a "Double Cheezeburger" when all of a sudden I thought.  

What does it take to make one burger pattie? 

I fingered my trusty keyboard for answers when I got home and found out...

Here's what the beef pattie scientists know back at the lab, about what it really takes to make that hamburger pattie, the one you might be eating right now:

  • A cow would have to consume 6.7 pounds of grain and forage.  That's a bag of seeds the size of a sugar bag, to make that much grain for one burger.
  • It takes 52.8 gallons of good drinking water to keep those same seeds alive throughout the plants lifecycle, irrigation, processing etc.  That's a lot of water for a little bag of seeds.
  • 74.5 square feet of prime agricultural property would be needed for grazing and growing that bag of seeds.
  • Getting the grain processed, sold delivered and onto your table, 1,036 BTU's of fossil fuel energy.

That's a lot! Don't you think?  For one burger pattie!  I couldn't imagine what it took to make those billions and billions of burgers, as MacDonalds advertises, 

     or Burger King, or Wendy's or A&W, the list goes on...

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Source: J.L. Capper, Journal of Animal Science, December, 2011.

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Rea de Miranda said...

I have never thought of it that way. That's just amazing!