THIKA Together With Her Friends - Forced to Stand for Three Days in Box

The First African Baby Elephant Born at the Toronto Zoo

Does anyone remember the splash when THIKA was born. The first African Elephant to be born in Canada, at the Toronto Zoo.

That was today, October 18, 1980

Mischievious, energetic, and loves stealing things.

This is her today.  Slightly lighter than her zoo mates but taller with longer legs.
"She can be aggressive and unpredicatble at times.
Her handlers call her, " spoiled".

She's top momma in the herd, today.
All her elders have died while at the zoo, so she is now leader of the pack, so to speak.

She is one of the last three elephants that were still living at the zoo:

Toka, Thika, and Iringa

   Their total lives, kept in captivity.

The problem is transporting them.
A big problem, considering they are being transported by land, transport truck, which will take three to four days.

The animals are already old and will have to stand for those three or four days.

They are being relocated right now to an animal rescue group in California.

Together, as they spent their lives.

Elephants build lifelong bonds with one another and it would have been cruel to separate them.

Let's hope they make it!

To finally, be set free.

Now I hear there is a danger of them getting TB while in California.

If it's not one thing it's another...

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Rea de Miranda said...

I hope they will arrive at their destination unharmed. Elephants are wonderful animals and they deserve to spend their lives content and safe. Unfortunately many of them are hunted for trophies and their ivory tusks. The world makes me sick.

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