The Dreaded "West Nile Virus" Popping it's Ugly Head Out Again!

We've had it pretty good out here on the west coast this past summer, weather wise. 

Not that I saw much of the great outdoors, this year.  I've been inside. Writing, writing, writing. Blogging!  Editing, editing, editing my book...

ONE TWO ONE TWO A Ghost Story.  Soon to be uploaded to Createspace, published and released for sale on I'll be blogging all about that soon. The whole process, from conception to completion.

I have time for nothing else!

I remember the summer before last. The mosquitos were deadly. I was sitting right here, working on the same projects I'm working on now. 

My beard now a little greyer, my hair a little longer. 

It's been a dry summer. The rain started as it usually does, the beginning of school, first week of September. The mosquito population has been kept in check, at least around here by the lack of rain. But, now even though it's cool, and it has started to rain, if God doesn't strike me dead, one or two will survive and end up getting under my desk here and bite me on the ankle.

A man is Saskatchewan just died, of West Nile. A mosquito-borne zoonotic arbovirus. He was in his early 60's and had the most serious form of the infection: West Nile Neurological Syndrome. There are nine cases in total happening in that province right now! Spread by female mosquitoes.  Females take the rap again. I can't help it. It's the truth! Females are the only ones that suck blood.

Birds are the most attacked by the mosquitoes. Poor things. But animals like whales and horses have gotten the disease. That's right! You read right! Whales. Don't ask me how, but one killer whale, in 2007, off the coast of Texas was found with the disease. That's real whales, not a big fat blonde whale laying on the beach.  No, not one of those whales laying on a towel. 

The whale must have been floating on it's back or something, getting a little shut-eye, sun tanning. The little mosquito was flying out over the ocean and spotted a meal. Wam! West Nile.

So, protect yourself. You can obviously be anywhere and get bitten by a mosquito. If a whale can get bit, so can you.

I've got to get back to my book!

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